Vote on November 4th!

It is critical that we spread the word to all who support Pennsylvania natural gas to vote and have their voice heard this fall. Please take a moment to share this page with friends and colleagues and urge them to vote on November 4th or submit an absentee ballot application by October 28th and your absentee ballot by October 31st. Voting is the most powerful way to let candidates know that you support growing jobs here in our community.

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Voter Information

Pennsylvania’s General Election is fast-approaching, and the result of the various races- gubernatorial, congressional, state legislative and local- will have a major impact on the economic and energy future of the Commonwealth. Severance tax, local zoning and infrastructure development are only a few key issues that will determine the viability of industry’s operations in Pennsylvania, and our elected officials directly impact the outcome of these issues and thus influence whether the state prospers over the next decade or sinks into economic decline due to policy decisions that send capital to other shale plays across the country and the world. And that impacts you, your business and your family. Therefore, now is the time to consider how you will use your voice on November 4th.

Keep reading to learn about what you should do to prepare for Election Day and to see if you qualify for an absentee ballot.

Voting in the General Election

What Should You Do Before Election Day?
Check your registration status & polling place location
     • Visit Pennsylvania’s voter registration database

Are you Eligible for an Absentee Ballot?
     • A PA registered voter
        o Confirm you are registered
     • Meet absentee ballot eligibility requirements
        o Visit Votes PA

What do you need in order to complete an absentee ballot application?
     • Pennsylvania Driver’s License, PennDot ID # or Social Security Number
        o Residence address
           § P.O. boxes may only be used if there is no physical residence
           § Include room, apartment or floor number
           § Know your county
        o Name of your election district (if known)
        o Your occupation, date of birth and how long you have lived at your address
        o Email address
           § While optional, it is a quick way for your County Board of Elections to contact you if information is missing on your application
        o Reason for requesting an absentee ballot

How do you submit an absentee ballot application?
     • Download, print, complete, sign and mail application to your County Board of Elections Office
         o The application MUST be received by the Elections Office no later than 5pm on October 28th
           § Postmarks do not apply
           § Military and civilian voters who complete an emergency application for an absentee ballot are exempt
     • Visit Votes PA for more information on emergency applications

When are absentee ballot’s due?
     • Ballots must be returned to the County Board of Elections Office by 5pm on October 31st
         o Postmarks do not apply