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There is much to know and learn about the benefits and opportunities that come from responsible development of the Marcellus Shale region. Here we have created easy-to-share fact sheets on everything from jobs and safe drinking water to local economic benefits and sportsmen's issues. Download them here, and pass them along to your friends, co-workers and family members. Everyone benefits when we share the most reliable and up to date information on safe, responsible shale development.

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Ten Things You Should Know About Natural Gas

Download these 10 Fast Facts in PDF format and share it with others.

Safeguarding Our Water: 7 Fast Facts

What you need to know about safeguarding our water. Download and share the PDF!

Zoom Zoom… Natural Gas and Transportation

Download and share the 7 Things You Should Know about Natural Gas and Transportation PDF.

Natural Gas and Jobs: By the numbers

Download and share this PDF!

Hunting and Fishing in Natural Gas Exploration Areas

Strengthening our outdoors partnership! Download and share this PDF.

Shale Exploration Impacts Pennsylvania’s Bottom Line

Download this in PDF format and share it with others.

Natural Gas And The Environment: 8 Fast Facts

Download these 8 Fast Facts in PDF format and share it with others.