Preserving natural resources

Natural gas producers are dedicated to preserving our water and green spaces for our kids and grandkids. That’s why every stage of the production process — from well site planning to drilling to pipeline construction to residual waste and wastewater management — is strictly monitored by some combination of more than a dozen agencies and commissions charged with protecting Pennsylvania’s environment. Water use —particularly the withdrawal of water from streams of rivers—is tightly regulated to protect water quality and wildlife. Once active operations at any given well are complete, an intensive restoration process uses landscaping and contouring to return the site to pre-drilling conditions.

Using natural gas also has broad environmental implications, here and across the country — It’s one of the cleanest burning fuels, producing relatively low levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide emissions and smog-producing nitrogen emissions. The long-range environmental impact is undeniable, as natural gas also supports the renewable technologies necessary for our clean-energy future.

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