Why natural gas?

Natural gas already heats about half of the homes in America. It also produces electricity and powers buses, trucks, taxis, school vehicles and some railways. More and more fuel-efficient consumer cars powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) are appearing on our highways and byways. And natural gas aids in the more cost-efficient production of steel, plastics and polymers and consumer goods.

Polls show a clear majority of Pennsylvanian support natural gas – and it’s easy to see why. Recently called “the biggest energy innovation this century” by Pulitzer-prizewinning energy expert Daniel Yergin, natural gas is a reliable, affordable, cleaner-burning fuel source — and an essential player in our clean-energy future. It’s found in abundant quantities not just in the Marcellus Shale but in other “shale plays” across the country. Responsible, regulated production of natural gas from shale formations is creating jobs, giving a tremendous boost to the economy and powering the country into the future.

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