Investing and working with communities

All of us are concerned about safety, noise, roads and jobs. To minimize inconvenience and address safety and infrastructure concerns, natural gas producers are required to develop road management plans with each state’s department of transportation. If existing roadways are determined to be insufficient for supporting additional traffic and the transportation of equipment, materials and water, the natural gas industry pays for necessary upgrades and repairs—the shale industry has invested more than $750 million in Pennsylvania’s roads and infrastructure since 2008. Mandatory distances between wells, wetlands and forests ensure that those who enjoy responsible hunting and fishing can continue to do so, safely. Royalty payments from leasing agricultural lands are enabling local farmers to upgrade equipment and turn greater profits. And to make sure every Pennsylvanian has the chance to benefit from natural gas exploration, the industry—in partnership with local nonprofit organizations—is reaching out to minority-owned businesses in drilling areas about opportunities related to shale development.

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