5 American Natural Gas Benefits INFOGRAPHIC

From coast-to-coast, newspaper editorials continue to highlight the clear economic, environmental and national security benefits associated with safe shale development.

America’s energy renaissance is creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, renewing our manufacturing sector’s potential and dramatically enhancing our nation’s energy security. Here’s what other newspaper editorials are saying about America’s energy renaissance:

Despite shale’s significant economic and environmental benefits, some in Harrisburg continue to pursue even higher energy taxes. Higher energy taxes would make Pennsylvania the highest energy taxed state, directly threatening jobs and shale’s generational opportunity. Become a United Shale Advocate today and join your friends and neighbors in supporting new jobs and a brighter future for Pennsylvania – not even higher energy taxes. #SayNoToSeverance

Take a look at the 5 American Natural Gas Benefits Infographic:

5 American Natural Gas Benefits Infographic

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